What is Stock Hacker Academy?

What is stock hacker academy?

Here’s the short version: Stock Hacker Academy is a school and community where investors and entrepreneurs learn how to generate extra income from their phones with stock investments.



Cherry and I (Erwin) started Stock Hacker Academy in 2019.

We are real estate investors and entrepreneurs who want to generate multiple streams of income. Real estate has been fantastic in terms of growing our wealth.  But like many local real estate investors, we hardly see any cash flow from our portfolio.  

We’re always looking for ways to reliably make money in our sleep. Everything we find we share with our network. 

Stock Hacker Academy started as a side hustle in 2019 that let us make some extra cash from our phones. We see it as a way to solve the cash flow problem with our real estate portfolio. 

But as we shared this new skill we call “stock hacking” with our family and friends, more and more people wanted to know how we were making such good cash flow.

In 2020, just as the pandemic hit, we partnered with a legend in the stock options industry, Lee Lowell. Then in 2021, we brought other “faculty” on board. Eddy Li, Nic Chahine, and the “Idiot Millionaire,” Derek Foster.

Stock Hacker Academy went from being a side hustle to a major educational mission. We’re tasked with helping hard-working, everyday Canadians find financial independence. And we do that through stock hacking.

What does Stock Hacker Academy actually do?

We host courses that teach you how to stock hack. 

What is stock hacking? It’s a specific set of stock option trading strategies that generate cash flow

There are thousands of ways to trade stock options, but it’s really easy to lose your life savings if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why Stock Hacker Academy hires instructors with proven track records spanning decades. We partner with the best of the best, people who trade stock options full time and who have been profitable for 10, 20, even 30 years.

Stock hackers (students who have graduated at least one of our courses) learn basic stock option trading techniques that are designed to buffer them from volatile market moves and put cash in their pocket.

So Stock Hacker Academy teaches you how to make money?

Stock hackers learn how to use specific stock option trading strategies to generate profit. That doesn’t mean we always make money.

We don’t sugarcoat anything. In fact, we’re careful to outline the risks as well as the rewards. We personally share our losses as well as our wins. We feel like you need to know the truth about trading stock options if you’re committing to becoming a successful stock hacker.

There are ups and downs. Some stock hackers make more money than others because they have higher risk tolerance or a bigger bankroll. Some stock hackers are happy to take modest gains with relatively less risk. How much money you make stock hacking depends solely on you.

How do you know this works?

We don’t teach anything we haven’t done ourselves

I was first introduced to stock hacking many years ago. It actually took me a while to warm up to the concept. But when I finally saw how powerful these strategies are, I was hooked.

It hasn’t been a smooth road. We’ve lost a lot of money. But we’ve made a lot of money too. 

This is a skill we will teach to my kids. To us, it’s as essential to financial independence as real estate investing.

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I’ll tell you now, I want you to be a stock hacker too. So I plan to deliver absolute gold week after week until you’re ready to join Stock Hacker Academy.

Once you’re in, the community is vast, diverse, and supportive. Even after the courses, you’re a stock hacker for life.

So until then, sign up for our email newsletter. Start learning how to cash flow from your phone.

Building wealth together,

Erwin & Cherry Szeto

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